Luo Xiaoci

The Solo Performers

Luo Xiaoci

Luo Xiaoci

Liu Xiaoci is the vice chairman of Shanghai Musicians Association, head of Shanghai National Orchestra, Zheng soloist and a national first-class actor. She's also a member of the All-China Youth Federation, member of the Shanghai Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and Shanghai leading talent.

As one of the representatives of the Chinese Guzheng industry, she has actively explored and practiced in creation, performance, and singing. In her creation, she put forward the concept of "new literati music", dedicated to the exploration and promotion of the modern meaning of traditional Chinese literati music, in which she integrated nationality, modernity and individuality. She created and premiered "Like a Dream" and "Ink". A batch of original Zheng music works such as "Play" and "Wen Ji Gui Han".

Since serving as the head of the Shanghai National Orchestra, she has put forward the creative concept of "ethnic music, contemporary temperament, and international expression". From these concepts she launched the "Sea Life Folk Music", "Common Home", "Forbidden City", "Shanghai Legend • Bund Story", "Heroes", " Shanghai Project • Winter Rainbow" and "Gardenia Blooming" and many other original ethnic concerts. As the opening concert of the 18th Shanghai International Arts Festival, "Sea Lives and People's Music" adopts a comprehensive audio-visual presentation form of the music scene to show the distinctive temperament of Shanghai style culture and the pursuit of excellence, which has been praised by many parties.
The music scene "Common Home" revolves around the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind, and innovatively integrates Shanghai-style folk music with a variety of representative music from five continents. The project has participated in the 20th China Shanghai International Art Festival, and was performed in the "Asian Culture Show" on the occasion of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference, and won warm praise from domestic and foreign audiences.

By innovating artistic concepts she has led this excellent orchestra to gradually establish a new style of Shanghai folk music, which embodies  inheritance, tolerance and innovation, and shows a new height in the development of Chinese folk music today.

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